Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July Favorites!

July's winding down, but our love for these fashion, beauty, food, home, media, and culture picks has only just begun! Check out what we couldn't get enough of this month.

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Mac’s self-propelling, self-sharpening brow definer in "Fling." Because I’m fair skinned, my eyebrows are often neglected during my beauty routine. I purchased Mac’s Fling brow pencil and fell in love! The best part about Fling is that it is self-sharpening with a simple twist top. ♡T

BCBG Shirley Embellished Top. Every time I visit my parents in Kansas my mom takes me on a shopping trip. During my last visit, I found this amazing BCBG Shirley Embellished Top. The top is light and airy, the neckline is very flattering and the embellishments are beautiful! ♡T

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder. Guised as an unassuming powder, this magical potion will be your new go-to. Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder blurs your imperfections away and bounces light in all the right ways. Just trust me when I say this is a must have. I’m usually just a tinted moisturizer gal, but after a crazy, uncharacteristic breakout, I found myself digging through my sample drawer for something -- anything!-- that could remedy the red, bumpy situation. This saved the day. It also hides my dry splotches and fine lines. Miracles! ♡L

BCBGeneration Tilda d’Orsay Flat. I just started working retail and learned the hard way that not all flats are created equal. Now I know: My absolute favorite style for a long day on my feet is d’Orsay. This pair by BCBGeneration doesn’t rub my toesies the wrong way! ♡L

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Mirrored Table from Joss & Main. I’m calling this cozy corner “Bistro L.” Catchy, non? This feminine, romantic, slice of heaven is my new dining area. The mirrored table from Joss & Main is the pièce de résistance, and I can’t stop fawning over how well everything came together! ♡L

“Milk” + Cookies. These totally Pin-worthy party drinks are from my sister’s baby shower! Some glasses were milk...some were White Russians. I’ll let you guess which one I went for. Such an adorable idea. The blue straw (It’s a boy!) was a nice touch. ♡L

BBQ Chicken Recipe. The majority of the time, I eat baked chicken so I am always looking for new recipes to spice things up! This month, I found an amazing BBQ Chicken recipe, which was easy to make and extra delicious. For the full recipe, visit the Heather Likes Food blog! ♡T

Custom Wall Art. As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently moved into a new apartment and have been looking for the perfect décor. When I found this Eat Drink and Be Merry wall art I knew it was perfect for our dining area! Golden Paisley, the etsy shop, hand makes this six piece set and sends you a photo of the finished product for your approval before she ships it. Talk about customer service! ♡T

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Breaking Bad. Woah. The wonders of Netflix. Yes, I’m fashionably late to this party, but never has there been a show quite so worthy of binge-watching. I am totally in love, here. And at least it’s kind of educational, too, right? “Yeah science, bitch!” ♡L

The Oscar de la Renta Exhibit at The George W. Bush Presidential Library. This amazing event is located in the heart of my old playground! We SMU kids have been totally spoiled since the library opened, but this takes the (griddled carrot) cake. I always get excited when my city gets a piece of the fashion action. With gems like this and last winter’s Chanel show, I’d say Dallas is on the come-up. Y’all come back now. Ya hear? ♡L

Outliers. After my PR teacher recommended Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers I decided to pick up a copy for myself to see what all the fuss was about! Needless to say, I was hooked. Outliers was thought-provoking and truly fascinating, exposing the reader to the vast and unique life experiences that lead to success. ♡T

Charmed. Growing up, Charmed was one of my favorite shows. During the summer, most of the shows I watch regularly end their season so I decided to start Charmed over and watch the entire series again! This time around, I picked up on jokes I was too young to understand, I laughed at the terrible visual effects (in the first few seasons) and remembered why 90’s fashion should never come back. To watch Charmed, go to Netflix for instant streaming! ♡T

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