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The Skinny on Eyelash Extensions

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"Beauty is Pain" is a common mentality among women, often including myself, but when it comes to trying a potentially scary new beauty trend, you might want to do a little more research about what exactly you're getting yourself into. 

I am a sucker for long, full lashes but I am no where near skilled enough to apply my own, and my eyelids are on the smaller side, so those big fake lashes scare me a bit. About a month ago, I thought I found the perfect solution: eyelash extensions. 

You see deals all the time on sites like Groupon offering a significant reduction on the price of eyelash extensions, which can often be very costly with a common starting price of $200 for a full set. I was always weary of trying these deals, because eyelash extensions were unchartered territory for this beauty guru. 

It wasn't until one of my friends came over and showed me her new eyelash extensions that I thought it was time to give it a try. The extensions looked great on her, she didn't have to apply mascara each day AND it was only $29...I was sold. 

Lash Addict and Beauty Bar was (and still is) doing a promotional deal on eyelash extensions, no doubt trying to build their clientele. As part of this deal, you can get a full set of lashes in the "Mascara" look or the "Ultra Glam" look. I chose to do the more natural, mascara look. 

First, I have to air a few of my grievances with the salon itself: 
  • Before your appointment they tell you to "arrive 10 minutes prior to your lash appointment. Any clients 5 minutes late or more to their appointment will be rescheduled and incur a $20 reschedule fee." I am a very timely person so I arrived about 15 minutes ahead of my 1 pm appointment only to sit there for another 15 minutes past my appointment time. 
  • The staff was rude, unprofessional and hurried me out before I was ready so they could fit in their next appointment. 
  • They gave me a sheet of paper with "Do's & Don'ts" to maintain my lashes, but didn't go over any of these in person with me. With that, one in particular should have been mentioned beforehand: No shower for 24 hours. Not only did I wear makeup to my appointment, but I already had day old hair. Luckily, it was the weekend and I had nowhere in particular to be for 24 hours. 
Before: left After: right

After one eye was finished, the woman doing my extensions took a photo so I could see the difference. I have pretty nice lashes naturally, but I loved the idea of not having to wear mascara!

My salon visit wasn't ideal but overall I did like my lashes. I got my extensions done right before I went home for a family reunion when I knew I would be on-the-go with little time to get ready each day. 


The before picture was a selfie that I took a couple weeks prior to getting my extensions and the after picture is from my time at home with no makeup on (only the eyelash extensions).

Instead of having my lashes refilled, I opted to remove them. While I liked the way they looked and how much easier my morning routine was, the cons seemed to outweigh the pros. 

  • No mascara!
  • Full, black lashes 24/7
  • You can only sleep on your back (I'm a stomach sleeper) because you don't want the eyelashes to rub off in your sleep.
  • It's hard to wash your face. I found that when I splashed my face with water, as I normally do, I couldn't rub the water out of my eyes the same way. Instead, I had to use a wash cloth to cleanse my face.
  • Eyeliner is harder to apply. I thought about wearing it more, but knew I would instantly regret applying it and having to remove it later.
  • The lashes get stuck in weird positions that you have to untangle, which can be painful. 
  • When some lashes start to come off they can poke you in the eye (OUCH). 

Eyelash extensions are still fairly new in the beauty world, so don't assume that any salon offering them will be qualified! There are plenty of scary articles out there with stories of individuals who have reacted to the glue they use, have pulled out their own eyelashes on accident, or have gotten an eye infection.

At the end of the day, it's all about your personal preferences when choosing to get eyelash extensions; a con to me may not bother someone else. My only suggestion would be to do your research and to find a qualified and upstanding salon.

There are plenty of natural remedies and products like Peter Thomas Roth's Lashes To Die For to help grow fuller and longer lashes if eyelash extensions aren't the right fit for you!

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