Friday, August 29, 2014

The Perfect Pamper Evening! (& My Spa Essentials)

There are few things more perfect than a spa day. When we girls get home, y'all know the first order of business is hair up, makeup off, cozies on! After a long day of work, it's nice to come home and #treatyoself. Put down the Ben & Jerry's and opt for a Pamper Evening.

When I treat myself to a pamper evening, I go all out with a facial, a hair mask, and a soak in the tub.

The Set Up
♡ Pour yourself some water. Hydrating is the key to beautiful skin, of course, but it's also necessary if you're going to be soaking and detoxifying. Experiment with essential oils! I like my water chilled with a drop of peppermint oil and a drop of lemon balm blend.
♡ Set the mood: Light some deliciously scented candles and turn on the Ediath Piaf station on Pandora radio. Well, that's my schtick, anyway. Do whatever works for you! The goal is to relax, so make sure you at least turn your dimmers on.
♡ Grab the necessities: Make sure everything you'll need is just a fingertip away. I like to keep a fuzzy bathrobe, my water, and a book near the tub.

{{1. Carole Hochman Designs 'Floral Fields' Short Robe. A sweet bathrobe to cozy up in. 2. The book I'm currently reading. 3. Peppermint essential oil is soothing and aids digestion.}}

Hair Treatment
My favorite is Lush Marilyn, which does wonders for my blonde locks. Find a mask that works for you, or make one yourself. A simple, but effective, mask for silky strands is mixing equal parts honey and olive oil.
I like to let Marilyn set in overnight and wash my hair in the morning, even though it suggests 30 minutes! Aveda Dry Remedy is another great treatment option and it does its thing in 10-15 minutes.

{{1. Aveda Dry Remedy Treatment Masque. Add moisture to those thirsty strands! 2. Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment. This brightening pre-wash treatment is my go-to. 3. Plain, ol' honey!}}

Here is my favorite six-step facial routine I learned from Kate Somerville's book Complexion Perfection! With each of these steps, make sure you are tailoring the products to your own skincare needs. A detailed post on this routine to come.
1. Cleanse
2. Steam
3. Exfoliate
4. Extractions
5. Treatment Mask (At this point, I hop in the tub and let my mask set in!)
6. Hydrate & Moisturize

{{1. Dr. Jart WaterFuse Water Max Sleeping Mask. This product is your very last step before bed. It saved my skin! 2.Kate Somerville ExfoliKate works like a charm and smells amazing! 3. Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask is my favorite. 4. Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser. A gentle, cream-based cleanser for sensitive/dry skin.}}

Bath Time
Again, tailor this step to your needs.
♡ To detoxify, add in ginger and baking soda.
♡ Use a Lush bath bomb mixed with a bath melt for the ultimate indulgent soak!
♡ If you're achey, add in Epsom salts. A MUST for those who work long hours on their feet.

♡ Once you're out of the tub, immediately hydrate and moisturize. Use products with hyaluronic acid to seal in hydration and then choose a moisturizer that works with your skin type. 

Pro Tip: Do not underestimate the value of shaving cream, ladies! I thought for the longest time that it was an unnecessary step and am now a total convert. Smooth, soft legs are the best feeling.

{{1. Lush Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb. This will leave you smelling awesome and supposedly make you fall in love. 2. Skintimate Moisturizing Shaving Gel. It's a shower staple. 3. Lush Dreamtime Bath Melt. Relax and unwind while you take a super luxurious soak. 4. Baking soda to detox and clean.}}

And if you're really feeling in the mood to pamper, why not give yourself a mani/pedi? Some days, I find this ritual quite relaxing and rewarding. I like to strip my nails of polish before my bath, then trim, file, and paint once I'm out. This is a good activity to accompany a Netflix binge ;)

My pamper evenings usually end with some light reading and hot tea! How do you treat yourself? Tell us your spa essentials!

p.s. We won't tell if you still want that Chunky Monkey, too.

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