Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Want it Wednesday

Check out what we're currently coveting and shop it for yourself.

1. Faux Potted Hydrangea. The blue and white china vase is just what I need to liven up my kitchen. I’m not a fan of the dark wood and chrome look going on over there, but what keeps me going is the dream of a sunny, yellow kitchen in my future with lots of teapots and flowers. These powder blue hydrangeas will look just smashing! ♡L

2. Drybar Triple Sec. Drybar recently came out with this new product, Triple Sec, which is supposed to add texture and volume to your hair. Their website says it is also great for 2nd day hair to give you a little extra refresh! It is no secret that I am obsessed with Drybar, so I’ll definitely be giving this product a try. I regularly use several drybar products and am always satisfied with the results and the amazing scents each of their products have. 
3. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set. I really need new brushes. These come with killer recommendations from my favorite British YouTubers and are my current favorite color, rose gold. Enough said, right? This set includes eight brushes. ♡L

4. Cut 25 Marine Draped Dress. The Rent the Runway Clearance sale is your chance to snag designer dresses forever for less than the price you’d pay for a one-time rental. My advice: choose a dress you’ve already rented or a brand you trust to minimize risk! I rented this number about a year ago and I’ve been dreaming about making it mine ever since. Score.
5. Blossom Lip Gloss. I popped into Urban Outfitters a few days ago and was totally wow-ed by their beauty section. They now stock up on cult classics, such as Anastasia Brow Wiz and Lime Crime lipstick, but save room for cute, kitschy products like this scented lipgloss. It’s adorable, really inexpensive, and smells amazing! What’s not to love? ♡L

6. Verso Night Cream. I recently read a Refinery 29 article raving about the Verso morning and night cream, which aims to target acne scaring. The Verso products are on the pricy side, so instead of buying both the morning and the night cream, I would like to try out the night cream first. I am content with my morning moisturizer and I typically do my treatments, facials and etc... at night, so I am game to try another great product! Back in winter I had a massive below the surface cystic type of breakout and although it went away, it left me with a not-so-cute scar. After months of effort to lighten the scar, it is still visible so a little extra help can’t hurt!
7. Kate Spade 17-month Agenda. Every August, I get a new planner and usually that planner is Lilly Pulitzer, but this year I decided to stray from the tropical Lilly print for something new and chic! This Kate Spade 17-month planner looks professional and stylish, which is harder than you might think to come by! I’ve just started to use this planner and I love it already. 
8. Vince 'Strapping' Stretch Wool Trousers. I am always looking for a nice pair of work pants, so when I found these Vince trousers from Nordstrom, I was ecstatic! I just received these in the mail and I have to say the fit is great and the length is perfect. I am 5’3 so finding a pair of pants that doesn’t need to be taken to get alterations is rare. Although, if you are on the tall side, these may not be the right pair for you! I can’t wear jeans in  my workplace, so the navy color is also a nice substitute!
9. TONY MOLY Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel. I am obsessed with Korean beauty products: from foot peels to steam masks, if it’s from the land of KPop, I’m in. After reading up on the reviews, I’m desperate to get this cutie into my skincare repertoire.  ♡L

10. Home Cookbook - DIY. Lately I’ve been feeling like I have a ton of recipes but they are all scattered; I’m either searching through my email or my Pinterest trying to find what I want. I found this fabulous retro recipe book on Etsy, which allows you fill in your personal favorites. This product also has over 900 reviews and a 5 star rating, which doesn’t hurt! ♡T

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