Monday, September 15, 2014

Introducing...Sew Sorority!

Ever look at your dresser drawer and think....

If you're anything like me, your dresser drawers are stuffed with t-shirts from sorority/fraternity life, school, sporting activities and etc... They're probably shirts that have some significance and make you nostalgic of whatever memory it's associated with, but you feel too old to be wearing it and, frankly, just have way too many.

There is a specific t-shirt that comes to mind when I think about something that I could never wear as a self-respecting 23-year-old but could never just give or throw away:

(I apologize for the effect, but that was the cool thing to do to your pictures at the time!)

Ok here's the story: When I was in high school I was on the cheer team and we had this long-running inside joke that we were creepily close to each other because of all the long hours we spent practicing, driving to games and pretty much just constantly hanging out. I don't know who thought of it, but we started calling ourselves, "The Creep Squad," and eventually even had these bright green t-shirts made, which we proudly wore everywhere.

The memories I have being on that team and hanging out with those great girls are ones I'll never forget and will always cherish, but...I could never wear that again.

Thinking of your own t-shirt memories? If you answered yes, I've found the perfect solution for you: Sew Sorority. My sorority sister, Jeanette Bravo, started posting pictures of her latest t-shirt quilt creations and I had to know more about her business, so I spoke to her to get the scoop.

Q & A with Sew Sorority Founder - Jeanette Bravo

T - How did Sew Sorority come about?

J - I've always loved lace and I wanted to add it onto a few pairs of shorts. Although I had my own sewing kit, I didn't have my own machine. So, I borrowed a sewing machine from a sorority sister who lives nearby and I enjoyed enhancing my pairs of shorts. While I was  borrowing the sewing machine, my older sister/sorority sister convinced me to make her a quilt to preserve some of her favorite Gamma Phi Beta memories. After learning how to make a quilt online, I made my sister her sorority t-shirt quilt in two days. Many women like what I made and they started to ask me to make their quilt as well. I searched all over the internet for the best Brother quilting machine and I quickly made the purchase. Since then, I have completed numerous quilts and I'm discussing future personal orders as well as holiday orders for friends and relatives!

T - Tell me about Sew Sorority and what you offer.

J - When it comes to designing your quilt, you have many options to choose from through Sew Sorority. You can choose the fabric that you want on the back of your quilt, how big you would like your quilt, whether the quilt is one sided or double sided, and I am able to send you layout options of your t-shirts. Moreover, Sew Sorority offers unbeatable prices as well as crafsmanship. 

T - How can we contact you and follow Sew Sorority's updates?

J - I can be contacted at Also, you can follow my projects on Instagram @SewSorority or online at

Clean out those dressers and turn your favorite memories from football, cheerleading, college games, sorority life and more into something useful that can stay with you forever!

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