Monday, December 29, 2014

December Favorites!

We've officially bid adieu to the month of December (and the year of 2014!), but our love for these fashion, beauty, food, home, media, and culture picks has just begun! Check out what we couldn't get enough of this month.

Nasty Gal Gardenhead Pearl Goddess Headband. This headband was an early Christmas present that I haven't stopped wearing! Need help figuring out a look for day 2 or 3 hair? The Pearl Goddess Headband is your savior! My look is instantly dressed up when adding this accessory to my hair. I like to wear it with a pony tail, a braid or even loose waves, if I don't have time to blow dry my hair. T

NYX Color Mascara in Blue. This brightens up tired eyes and adds the perfect punch of color. It's vibrant but not gauche, and will enhance your natural eye color. There are several colors to choose from, but I love this cobalt color with my blue eyes and fair skin! The formula itself doesn't lengthen or thicken lashes and comes off easily with just water. L

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula. I've tried these peel pads in the regular formula (which I LOVE), but lately I've been feeling like my skin could use some extra TLC. I bought the extra strength formula while I was home for the holidays, but I was hesitant that it would be too harsh on my skin. I am happy to report that I had no issues with the increase in potency and it helped clear up some lingering acne scars :) T

Rich & Skinny Jeans. I recently bought a pair of the jeans from Marshall's and fell in love. They are a super stretchy, almost legging-like feeling, but still thick enough that they smooth over your curves. I got a very dark blue pair and they're my new go-to! L

Google Chromecast.  I got this awesome, little thing for Christmas (thanks, Dad!) and am totally hooked on it! You can plug it into any TV and control what shows you watch via Chrome-compatible apps on your phone. Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu, HBO GO, SHO Anytime, and more...all at your fingertips and on your big screen. Awesome! L

Target Organization Essentials. This month I went crazy buying some more gold items for my desk area! I went through all of my old papers and threw away a ton of things I've been hoarding and I re-organized my desk using these awesome finds. As is the case with almost all of my target visits, I was not there to buy these things but when I saw an entire section with gold desk organizers and accessories, I couldn't resist! Wire Holder // File Folders T

Junipero Gin. Woah, never did I think I would see the day I became a gin girl. But this stuff is so lovely! Use it to make the perfect Gin & Tonic, a Gin Fizz, a French 75, or whatever your heart desires. Just be sure to have a Collins glass on hand! Meanwhile, read up on how gin was the drink of choice in the U.S. until Russians cleverly marketed The Moscow Mule (admittedly, my other favorite drink) to sell us on vodka. L

Chicken Divan. Every Christmas Eve, my mom makes Chicken Divan. It is one of our favorite dishes and we truly only eat it once a year, so it's delicious AND sentimental :) There are a lot of recipes out there, but my mom's is definitely the best, so check it out by going here. T

Truckee. My first favorite is a very charming town! Yes, I have fallen in love with Truckee, California. It's a short stop away from Lake Tahoe, and any time my boyfriend and I both have a day off, we go to Truckee to grab a bite and walk around all the cute shops. Recently, we fell in love with this oil, vinegar, and honey tasting shop. We ended up buying some delicious Snowberry honey, but plan to return for their lavender aromatherapy and some blood orange-vanilla vinegar. So gourmet, right?! There's also a wine bar just across the street, so we will have to pop in to do a bit more grown-up tasting. L

Peaky Blinders. This Netflix original will knock your socks off. A gritty look into post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s, Peaky Blinders centers around an especially fearsome street gang. You will have to check it out! L

The Imitation Game. This month I am combing media and culture because I feel that my choice for this category concerns both topics. A lot of great movies came out around Christmas that have gained attention for their award show nominations and The Imitation Game is definitely one of them. I saw this movie with my family over the holidays and it was truly an amazing story. It details the life of Alan Turing, a British computer scientist, mathematician, logician, and cryptologist - ok, he's a genius - who was able to break the Enigma code, which was used by the Nazi's during WWII as a way to communicate. Because of this, Turing saved millions of lives and played a huge role in ending the war. The sad part of the story (SPOILER) is the fact that he committed suicide when he was only 41-years-old, after being prosecuted for homosexual acts, which were illegal at the time, and undergoing a year of hormonal injections (chemical castration).
I feel that The Imitation Game is barely getting the recognition it deserves with other movies,such as Selma and Boyhood, at the forefront. This movie had a huge impact on me and I believe it forces society to take a deeper look of where we've been, where we are and where we're going when LGBT rights are concerned. This brilliant mind, who saved lives and basically created the computer as we know it, was taken too soon because of an ignorant society. T

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