Monday, January 5, 2015

Summing Up 2014

2014. What a year! We graduated, got "big girl" jobs, launched our blog, met our new niece and nephew, and tried to meet up and play in between. Here’s a little peek at a few major moments from last year. We hope you’ll join us here on Blonde Problems, as we document 2015 and our next years to come.

Easter: Every year, our families spend Easter at our Golf Club in Kansas, Flint Hills National, for Brunch. Tory wore a pastel purple dress from BCBG and Lauren wore a beautiful blue Nha Khan dress, from Rent The Runway. Easter is one of our favorite traditions, since our families are so close! We start with a Champagne toast at Tory's house, take some photos, and head over to the club to fill ourselves with delicious food! T + L

Crescent Ball: In my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, we have a formal at the end of the school year called Crescent Ball. It is a tradition for new members to wear white, initiated members to wear black and seniors to wear a color. I chose to wear a short, light pink dress from BCBG and I was obsessed with it! We also added a tradition of giving each senior a superlative and mine was "Most likely to become a millionaire." I have to say that I am more than ok with that superlative becoming a reality. T

Graduation: Hooray!!! We graduated this year! Tory graduated Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications, with an emphasis in Public Relations. Lauren graduated from Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in Journalism, a B.A. in Fashion Media, and minors in French and Sociology. We also "graduated" from our sororities with really special ceremonies. Tory is a Gamma Phi Beta and Lauren is an Alpha Chi Omega. T + L

Go Red! Go Blue! Go Mustangs! S-M-U!
Go Devils!!!

Family Reunion: This summer, my brother and his wife were able to come to Kansas and stay with my parents for over a month, so we decided we should have a family reunion. We invited all the Stangl's to come down, meet my niece and hang out for a weekend. Almost all of them came over 4th of July weekend, and we had a blast! The baby cousins played together, the men golfed, and the women relaxed by the pool. The older I get, the more I appreciate every second of time with my family and the Stangl side is so good about making this happen! While we were all in one place, we decided to get some family photos taken and the result is the cute picture before you. T

A Year with Michael: I got to spend a lot of special moments with my boyfriend Michael this year, including our One Year Anniversary :) We had a ton of fun getting dressed up for sorority formals, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, and nights on the town...but most nights were spent vegging out and watching Netflix! We love walking around exploring new places, cooking together, and taking road trips -- Some of our favorite trips this year were to Ft. Worth for a weekend, where we discovered the amazing Lonesome Dove and Bird Cafe, to Austin to meet my new nephew, Crawford Keene Carney, and to Kansas to chill out for Spring Break. L

Girl Time in October: When Lauren was in the process of moving to Lake Tahoe, we thought it would be a great idea for her to stop in Arizona for a couple weeks, while Michael (her boyfriend) and his brother drove on to Lake Tahoe to unpack everything and have some guy time while we had our girl time! We decided to drive to San Juan Capistrano for a weekend to stay at her Mom and Stepdad's house. We had some major relaxation time, which consisted of eating cheese, drinking a lot of red wine, and watching America's Next Top Model. While we were there we decided to try stand up paddle boarding! We stayed in the harbor area for our first time, but we both got up without any trouble and had a blast paddling around for an hour! We can't wait to do it again and highly recommend trying it if you have the opportunity! T + L

Tory's Birthday: My birthday in 2014 was a blast! The week before, I went to California and stayed with my brother and my friend Tina. I went to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live, hung out on the beach in Newport with Lauren's mom, went to the OC fair, spent the day at Knotts Berry Farm and had a great dinner with a bunch of relatives in Pasadena. The week of my birthday, I crossed off seeing Paul McCartney in concert on my list. I am a huge Beatles fan, so I was so excited to be there and I loved every minute of it. On my actual birthday, I went to Houston's for dinner and was surprised with a cute cake at home, from from my friend, Tina, and my roommate, Sara. T

Moving: I am the ultimate planner (to a fault), but this year, with some coaxing from my amazing boyfriend, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and just take the plunge! I moved from Dallas, my city of 4.5 years, to Lake Tahoe in October with no job lined up. I learned that some things just work themselves out when you make room for yourself to be happy. I am having so much fun getting to paddle board, hike, hit the slopes, and all sorts of outdoorsy things. It's also wonderful to get to watch gorgeous sunsets over the lake every evening. Dallas was a great home to me while I was at SMU, but I am appreciating the slower pace up here in the mountains. L

I'd been wanting a dog for the longest time and I was actually searching for a little Maltese puppy when I stumbled upon Winston and had to have him! The woman told me he was a Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Toy Poodle) mix and would get to be about 12-15 lbs when he was full grown. He also happened to come from a breeder in Kansas and he is a leo, like me, so I thought it was fate! Winston is so sweet, smart, and loving; it's hard to resist him. T

Donner: My dad adopted Donner, a German Short-haired Pointer/Lab mix this spring. Now that I live in Lake Tahoe, I've stolen him from dear, old dad. I am in love with this snuggly, goofy, energetic pup. He will be a year old in February, but shows no signs of slowing down. Donner's favorite activities include chasing his tail, finding new sticks to play with, and knocking over everything in the house. He's about 55 pounds right now, but look at this tiny puppy photo! L

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