Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Want it Wednesday!

Check out what we're currently coveting and shop it for yourself.

1. ASOS Sunglasses. Super cute, non-basic cheapies for when I'm on-the-go and can't afford to scratch the nice stuff. L
2. DuWop Cheek Venom. Don't pretend you don't remember Lip Venom. I know you still have a stash of it in the vanity drawer at your parents' house. Do cheeks even need plumping? I guess we shall see. Hoping this stings much less. L
3. Eat Cake for Breakfast Coffee Mug. How cute is this mug? I can't start my day without coffee, so why not drink it out of something happy and cute! It reminds me of the famous Marie Antoinette quote, "let them eat cake," which always brings a smile to my face, despite the fact that that phrase was taken as an insult. T
4. Renee Rouleau Daytime Blemish Oil. Lauren was actually the person who first introduced me to Rennee Rouleau products and I couldn't be happier that she did! Their Anti Cyst gel is literally the only thing that does the trick when I get one of those awful blemishes. I decided I would like to try their Daytime Blemish Gel, for the times when regular nightly treatment isn't cutting it! T
5. ASOS Dialog Plimsolls. I have no idea what a plimsoll is, but I do know I love slip-on shoes and glitter. My last pair of tennies (purchased at H&M in Paris during summer 2012 & yes, I am weirdly sentimental) has seen better days and perhaps a new, sparkly shoe will ease the parting. L
6. Jardin d'Ecrivains La Dame Aux Camelias Eau De Parfum. Honestly, I've fallen in love and just want that gorgeous bottle for my night stand. If it smells good, that would be a bonus! L
7. Sigma Kabuki Brush. I actually used to own this brush and loved it but had to throw it away when the bristles started coming apart.When I'm asked for recommendation for a good foundation brush, I always suggest the Kabuki brush. The width is nice, the bristles are soft and using a foundation brush will save you money because you won't need to put as much foundation on it, as you probably would with your hands. My only suggestion is to take caution when washing it that you aren't letting the water creep in, which will ultimately tear the bristles apart. T
8. J. Crew Stadium-Cloth Standing-Collar Coat. I've been on the hunt for a nice new winter coat and I think I finally found the one! I recommend shopping for something like this much earlier than I did, because every time I found something I liked they either didn't have my size or it was on back order, but better late than never! I want this coat in the dusty ginger color so that it will go with virtually any outfit, but they also offer it in golden sun, dark forest and black. (No clever way of saying black, J.Crew?) T
9. Gillian Flynn's Dark Places. I just finished reading Gone Girl (I know, I'm late to the game) so naturally I can't wait to read another Gillian Flynn thriller. Her writing is smart, witty and well organized. I thought it would take me some time to get through Gone Girl, but the story was so well told that I flew through it in a couple of airline flights! Dark Places has an equally interesting plot (click the link to read), which happens to be set in my home state of Kansas. Stay tuned for a review. T
10. Glamour Lady Notecards. Forever searching for stylish, blank notecards. These will make pen-paling a delight! L

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