Monday, January 26, 2015

Waste Management Open Style

Attending The Waste Management Open has become an annual tradition for my friends and I, and this year is no exception! It's unique to Phoenix because it's basically a big, well-dressed party.

Every year it seems like more and more flock to the 16th hole for a day filled with drinks, friends, and fun! This year, Tiger Woods is making his return and the Superbowl happens to be in Phoenix the same weekend, so I have no doubt that the attendance level will set a new record.

The first year I went to the open, it was like walking into a sea of ridiculous, preppy color. Everyone was dressed flawlessly, with a drink in hand.

The first year, my friends and I went a little Lilly crazy in our Lilly Pulitzer dresses. We definitely stood out! I paired my dress with the lip color Impassioned from MAC and I had my hair blown out at Drybar.
The second year, I chose a Rent The Runway dress by Clover Canyon. I loved the design and fun colors in this dress. I had just darkened my hair over the holidays so there is definitely a big difference in the two photos.

This year I am super excited to wear this Melodi Printed Relaxed-Fit romper by BCBG.

It rains every year around the open, making the weather a bit cooler, so I love the long sleeves on this romper. I also have the option to button the sleeves up, which is nice in case I get hot.

When I am searching for an outfit for the open I always look for something colorful or with a fun design and this romper definitely meets that criteria.

If you choose a solid color, though, you can always dress it up with jewelry, great hair and a bold lip.

Every Year that I've gone to the open, I've worn wedges. They always look great with my outfit, but they aren't necessarily the smartest option if you're going to be walking along the course. This year I plan on wearing my Tory Burch nude flats to, hopefully, spare my feet some pain.

The main day that everyone goes to the open is on Saturday. This year we're starting at Gringo Star on Mill Ave. for drinks and then we're being shuttled over for a day of fun!

Are you going to the open? I'd love to see your look! Share it with me with the hashtag #BPDoesWMO for a chance to be featured on our page!

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