Friday, February 13, 2015

Pick the Perfect Bouquet: What These 8 Arrangements Really Mean

Nothing is more delightful than the surprise of fresh flowers. A cheery bouquet is a lovely way to brighten someone's home and their day. But, if you want to really wow your special someone, put some thought into the meaning behind your blooms.

Don't leave your love feeling deflated with striped carnations ("I can't be with you") or yellow roses ("friendship" whomp whomp...). And, of course, be sure you're not sending sympathy flowers to a friend who is walking down the aisle, or celebratory flowers to someone who has just experienced a loss.

Curious to know more about the meaning of flowers? Here's a lovely guide.

(Clockwise from upper left)
  1. Orchid & Pine

    Love, Beauty, Refinement, Hope: Give this to someone whom you love and admire.
  2. Precious Pink Azaleas
“Take Care of Yourself for Me,” Temperance, Fragile Passion, Womanhood: Give this to someone dear and sweet, perhaps your grandmother or an old friend.
  3. Lavender Rose & Orchid
Majestic Beauty, Charm: Give this to someone who has caught your eye.
  4. Pink and Red Tulips
    Declaration of Love: Give this to your new sweetheart.
  5. Peach and Pink Roses & Carnations
Modesty, Grace, Joy, “I’ll Never Forget You”: Give this to a woman you greatly respect
  6. Succulent, Juniper Berry, Orchid, Eucalyptus, Pine
Give this exotic and earthy bouquet to someone who rules over your Heaven and Earth.
  7. Red Roses

    Love, Respect, Gratitude: Give this to your gorgeous and patient wife or girlfriend.
  8. King Protea & White Phalaenopsis Orchid

    Courage, Rare and Delicate Beauty: Give this to someone who 
is your perfect counterpart.
For all the slackers out there: 1-800-Flowers offers same delivery on a variety of bouquets. If you're just winging it at the grocery store, be sure to spruce up your blooms with an elegant vase and bow. Chocolates never hurt!

My personal Valentine's Day favorite is the single red rose. The epitome of romance and passion, reserve this for your one true love.
 For an everyday bouquet, peonies and daisies are delightful.

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