Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Want it Wednesday

Check out what we're currently coveting and shop it for yourself.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Makeup Favorites

When it comes to a makeup routine, we all have our favorite brands and go-to products. Today I'm sharing some of the products that I can't live without!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Cleaning | De-Clutter Your Kitchen!

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to whip your place into shape! Start your spring cleaning with a few, simple tips on how to de-clutter your kitchen.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Favorites

We've officially bid adieu to the month of February, but our love for these fashion, beauty, food, home, media, and culture picks has just begun! Check out what we couldn't get enough of last month.

Victoria's Secret PINK Strappy Back Flounce Top. I haven't bought a new swimsuit in probably 3 years. This one is comfortable, super cute, and really flattering. I bought this flouncy top with the high-waisted bottoms, which are currently unavailable in the same pattern, but I love how there are so many styles and color options so you can mix and match however you would like. L

Emma Stone Academy Award Gown. Did you watch the Oscars? Before the show starts, it's all about the fashion! One of my favorite looks was this gown worn by Emma Stone. She took a risk with that lime green shade, but it works and all of the detailing is beautiful! You can check out my complete Best Dressed list here. T

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. The best two bucks you can spend on beauty. Throw this in your purse and apply throughout the day to dry, chapped lips, blemishes, etc. I usually swipe some on under my eyes every few hours to rehydrate my parched skin and keep my makeup from looking patchy. L

Sephora Collection: Fiber Sheet Masks. Have you tried these fiber sheet masks? Lauren and I picked up a few different ones the last time we were in Sephora together and I am obsessed. When I was breaking out, I purchased the Green Tea Mask, which is supposed to help with blemishes, and the next day I saw a difference in my skin. You might look like and alien wearing these masks, but they work and they're easy to use! T

Teavana at Starbucks. I'm so happy that Starbucks finally switched out their old teas for the Teavana brand! I love buying Teavana loose leaf when I have the chance, but this little change has me skipping around and sipping two grande teas per day! My favorites are Mint Majesty, Youthberry, and Jade Citrus Mint. L

Mastro's City Hall Steakhouse. Ok, I might be biased because I started working there last month, but Mastro's is delicious and has a great ambiance! There is live music every night, they have a huge menu, and you might get to see me when you walk in the door :) T

Oil Diffuser. Check out my post on essential oils to read up on why I love this thing so darn much. It has helped heal my dry irritated skin and turned my little 600 square feet into a stress-free spa. L

Joss and Main Rug. I adore this grey + white area rug! I moved into my current apartment in May and have been slowly, but surely, decorating. We have all wodden floors int he dining/living room so this rug was exactly what we needed to complete the space! T

Kingsman: The Secret Service. I don't like spoilers, so I'm going to keep this simple. KINGSMAN IS AWESOME. One of the most thrilling movies I have seen in ages. Michael and I saw this on Valentine's Day and had an amazing time. If your boyfriend has been begging you to see an action movie, this is one you will actually like. L

The Theory of Everything. When Lauren and I were in California we finally got around to seeing The Theory of Everything (just before Eddie Redmayne snagged the Academy Award for Best Actor). The film details the life of Stephen Hawking, his marriage, the successes in his career and his tragic early diagnosis of motor neuron disease. This film is a must see if you haven't already! T

Alpha Chi Couture at SMU. So proud of my girls for raising more than $90,000 (!!!) for Genesis Women's Shelter. Alpha Chi Couture is an upscale, philanthropic event that the SMU Alpha Chi Omegas put on each year. It's a runway show with looks from some of Dallas' most fashionable retailers, a silent auction, and most importantly an event to raise awareness about domestic violence and hope and opportunity to the victims of domestic violence. L

Hillary Clinton's Emily's List Speech. Hillary asked some pretty important questions at the Emily's List 30th Anniversary Gala to re-commit to electing more women to public office. She asked, "Don't you want to see more women running for Mayor and Governor who will put our families first?" She continued, " Don't you want to see more women running for Congress who will follow in the footsteps of Barbara Mikulski and champion equal pay and equal opportunity? And I suppose, It's only fair to say, don't you someday want to see a woman President of The United States of America?" Yes! Should be all of our answers, no matter what part affiliation you are. T