Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Want it Wednesday

Check out what we're currently coveting and shop it for yourself.

1. Bibi Lou Star-Gaze Sandals. Perfectly casual with a dash of bling, these comfy-looking sandals will put a spring in my step all season long. L

2. NARS Cruella. The perfect scarlet red in a long-wearing, matte formula. This lippy looks like my new go-to for when I'm feeling saucy and ready to hit the town. L

3. Sephora 3-in-1 Extractor. I haven't been able to get a facial in a while which has forced me to give my skin a little extra TLC at home. I've decided it's time for me to buy my own extractor so that I can take care of stubborn blemishes the right way. This sephora brand extractor comes with a small loop for white heads, a flat loop for black heads and a lance to delicately pierce the stubborn ones. ♡T

4. Lush Cosmetics Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb. This adorable bath bomb is perfect with Easter right around the corner! It will leave your skin soft and with a "Fresh Springtime" scent. ♡T

5. Hum Nutrition Daily Cleanse. This dietary supplement helps clear the skin and body from toxins. It removes unwanted toxins that remain in the body and risk being excreted through the skin, causing unwanted breakouts. This Hum Nutrition product is also gluten free, contains no GMOs and is recommended by leading nutritionists. Sign me up! ♡T

6. Skin Laundry. Have you heard of this? One of my friends was telling me about this at work and, being the skin enthusiast that I am, I was super excited to learn more. Skin Laundry is basically a deep clean for your pores. They use laser technology to vaporize dirt and bacteria, to improve a dull complexion and unevenness, to tighten and brighten, and it leaves skin softer, smoother and glowing. I also checked out the reviews on Yelp and to my delight they were all positively raving about this service. It only takes about 10 minutes and there is no down time. For one treatment it's $75, but they are doing a special right now of three treatments for $100. Needless to say, my appointment is on Sunday! ♡T

7. Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25. Dr. Jart is my go-to for hydrating skincare products, so what better brand to try for my first BB cream? This product contains my personal skin favorite, hyaluronic acid, so it will plump up my skin while covering my perfect imperfections. L

8. Fendi Monster. Sure, this fluffball costs as much as one month's rent, but can you really put a price on cool? Perhaps if I win the lottery, I'll adorn my handbag with one of these babies, but until then a girl can dream. L

9. Karl Lagerfeld X Shu Umera "Eye-Need-Shu" False Eyelashes. So really, you can mark down this entire collection as "Want it," but these fantastical falsies with their "Shupette blue crystals" caught my eye. With a delightful, whimsical shape, these false eyelashes are anything but average. L

10. Imax Grace Vase. Nothing makes me happier than having fresh flowers in the house! This dainty vase will be perfect for longer stemmed flowers and is pretty enough to be its own decor item when I don't have anything to fill it with. ♡T

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