Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chop, Chop! | Pick the Perfect Lob for your Face Shape

If you've been dying to go for the chop, this handy guide is for you! To all the ladies who worry this shorter style will emphasize their wide forehead, pointy chin, or antennae, fear no more. Don't let the doubters get you down -- everyone can pull off the medium-length, long bob. It's all in the way you style your cut.

First, my love, let's determine your face shape.

There are two methods to establishing this. I recommend using a combination of the two to really get to the root of your face shape.

Method One: Pull your hair back. Stand an arm's length away from your mirror and close one eye or squint while carefully tracing the outline of your face onto the mirror. Do this when the bathroom is fogged up and you can just use your finger, or use lipstick or eyeliner on a clean mirror. What shape do you see?

Method Two: Use this handy chart from The Beauty Department to determine your face shape. Once again, make sure your hair is pulled back. This method might work better if you have already traced your face shape so you can easily answer the questions.

HOORAY!!!! So you've determined your face shape, now on to a few tips to find your best look and some celebrity inspo.....

<<A good rule of thumb when choosing a haircut or style is to think the squarer the face, the rounder the style should be and vice versa. For example, a square face looks great with a round brush blowout and a round face looks great with blunt ends.>>

We all know that contouring and strobing can enhance your facial features. Similarly, your haircut can change the way your face shape appears. You will want your haircut to emphasize your narrowest points and guide eyes away from your widest points.

If you're confused by these celebrities' face shapes, go look at them with their hair pulled back. It's amazing how a cut can change the way a face appears! That is the point of this post, after all....

Square: Elongate your face by keeping your lob sleek and long in the front, not choppy. An off-center or side part will flatter your face and keep it looking slim. Play with the length in the back or the symmetry for a fresh look.

Rectangle: A longer cut will flatter your face. Keep volume throughout with the addition of layers. 

Round: Add contour to your face with texture. A length that hits just an inch or two below the chin is flattering and elongating. 

Oblong: A longer cut will look best on your face shape. Balance your slim face by keeping your hair voluminous throughout.

Diamond: Your chin and forehead are both narrow, with your widest point at your cheeks. Keep volume at your chin and try a center or off-center part. This shape looks great with a gradual cut that is slightly longer in the front, to mimic your pointed chin.

Heart: Keep your hair voluminous around your chin to balance your wider forehead. Try a deep side part for a glamorous look. This face shape looks great with a bit of side bang, as well. 

Pear: A pear is widest at the chin, so keeping volume at the roots will balance it out. Keep your cut a few inches past your chin, so all the weight of your style isn't at your widest point.

Oval: I'm sure you've heard before that oval can do just about anything. Play around! My suggestion: Keep your hair one length and try a center or just off-center part for a sleek look that isn't too severe.

Still unsure of your face shape or which cut is right for you? Thumb through Pinterest or some magazines until you find something that speaks to you. I always recommend taking photos to your hair stylist so you can properly convey what you want.

Be realistic about your hair texture when picking your cut!!! Your hair stylist will thank you.


  1. That length looks amazing on you!!!!

    I've been told that shorter hair would look good on me because I haven't had the courage to take the plunge yet!

    1. Thank you so much! I think everyone can look good in a lob. Hope this helped :)

  2. what face shape do i have?
    i have wider hairline and much longer jawline tell me wat u think plz and thanx