Monday, August 10, 2015

Detox + De-bloat with SkinnyMint | Teatox Review

Here’s the skinny: If you’re looking to shed a bunch of weight, this probably isn’t the cleanse for you. If you are interested in an easy way to detox your body and reduce bloat, you’re in luck.

As with any cleanse, your diet before and during this teatox is going to make a huge difference in your results. Based on the one-hundred or so reviews I pored over prior to purchasing this product, I was expecting to be in discomfort the duration of my cleanse. (Some reviewers claimed they had diarrhea for a fortnight. Horrifying.) I experienced absolutely no ill side effects other than a slightly drippy nose and mild headache on the first night. I kept my diet and exercise regimen the same, so I could measure results strictly from the teatox.

The Low Down: I ordered the Besties Value Detox, because I'm a total sucker for a good deal. Morning Boost is pleasantly fruity and gave me a constant, humming energy throughout the day. A pleasant side effect was a noticeable increase in my productivity. I am very caffeine sensitive -- even a large cup of green tea can knock me on my arse -- so if I let the Morning Boost steep a bit too long, I became a jittery mess.
Night Cleanse tastes of licorice and peppermint, which I found very calming. It became a nice addition to my wind-down routine. It should be noted that you can (and, in my opinion, should) re-brew this several times, for maximum effectiveness. I generally made three cups of tea from one bag. This is the cleansing aspect of the teatox, and the one that sent countless others running to the loo. Once again, I think keeping a healthy diet would prevent this issue, as I didn’t experience so much as a stomachache.

Results: By the end of the first week, I had lost 1.5 pounds. More exciting, though, was the 2” I lost from my waist. Before I started the cleanse I was feeling a bit bloated from too much wine and dairy on vacation, and this immediately remedied the situation and defined my waistline.
By the end of the second week, not much had changed, so instead of strictly keeping up with my final two weeks, I now simply brew some tea when it strikes my fancy.

Final Thoughts: For me, one of the biggest added benefits of this teatox was that sipping on tea twice daily kept me from indulging at Starbucks. It wasn’t until recently, a month after starting SkinnyMint, I dropped in for a Venti. My pro tip is to re-brew the Morning Boost 3-4 times and keep it in the fridge so you have plenty of iced tea ready to go. It's simply too dang hot drinking boiling tea all day long!
I really enjoy both the teas and find it to be money well spent, especially considering how wonderful their customer service team is -- I found some burst tea bags in my Morning Burst pack and they immediately shipped me an entirely new one!
It's certainly worth a go if you have some serious detoxing to do or need to jump start your weight loss plan. At the very least, you'll be adding a healthy habit into your day that will make you more aware of what you put into your body.

I'm looking forward to restarting my cleanse soon. I'll keep you appraised of any changes during round two!

Please note I am not a doctor and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice.  Ladies, please note some of the ingredients in this cleanse could affect your birth control. This cleanse is not advisable for those pregnant or breastfeeding.

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