Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rocksbox Review + Free Month! | Products We Love

We got our first Rocksbox in the mail and here's what we think....

The Service: 

Step One is filling out the online Style Survey. It's quick and easy, but we found ourselves pretty squarely in the middle when it came to questions like "gold or silver," "chunky or delicate," etc, as we like to mix it up. If you're 100% classic or decidedly trendy, the profile is likely quite important, but since we are fairly adventurous, we felt like we were saying "meh," each time.

Filling out the wishlist is where things get fun. Pick your favorite pieces and cross your fingers that your wishes will be granted! Our advice is to pick a few things you know you'll love and a few that are slightly outside your comfort zone. That's the beauty of this subscription service: trying before you buy.

If you fall in love with one of the sparkly, little things in your box, you can buy it from Rocksbox at a great discount, called the Insiders' Price. Another feature we love is Your Shine Spend. Each time you get a new box, you also get $10 in Shine Spend to be used like cash to purchase the pieces you love. The Shine Spend only lasts for a limited time, but who would say no to free* money?

One of the coolest features is the integration of your own Instagram account. If you add your handle to your Rocksbox profile, each time you comment #wishlist on a photo in the beautifully curated @rocksbox Instagram feed, that item will be added to your wishlist.

Take a peep inside our first box! 


Sophie Harper Gold Bar Layer Necklace

Lauren chose this necklace and absolutely loved it. She wore it multiple times and is very tempted to buy it at the Insiders' Price of only $45. The gold bars are simultaneously daintily sweet and very edgy due to the layered look. It added an instant cool factor to her basic outfits.

Kendra Scott Elle Earrings in Rose Quartz

Tory wore these Kendra Scott earrings twice. The pale pink color worked perfectly with her wardrobe and complemented her skin tone. Overall, she liked the look of these, but is still a stud girl. Always good to try something new!

Gorjana Taner Cuff

We both tried on this cuff and thought it was very pretty, especially the hammered details, but found it kind of .... boring. For us, at least, it didn't stand up to our other jewelry pieces and just kind of faded away. This piece would be great for girls looking for something simple and dainty.

Well, blondies, our first box was a success! We can't wait to receive more of the items on our wishlist. While we weren't obsessed with each item, we found the service really fun and a great way to shake up your look or evolve your style. Of the three pieces in our first box, only the necklace was actually on our wishlist, so it makes sense why we didn't ooh and ahh and drool all over the others.

Here's a note from our stylist Pia explaining her choices, "I chose the Bar Layer Necklace on your wish list and paired them with some delicate and feminine pieces. The Elle Earrings in Rose Quartz along with the other pieces would look great against a crisp cotton summer top or dress."

Read all the way to the end? You rock! Here's a code to get one free month of Rocksbox from yours truly: tffagonzalezxoxo. Hope you Enjoy!

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