Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our Ten Favorite MAC Lipsticks | Swatches on Cool and Warm Undertones!

Have you been looking to expand your MAC lipstick collection? We swatched 10 of our favorites, so you don't have to!

We've both been MAC lovers since the dawn of time high school, so we've had plenty of time to hone our collection and pick up a few new faves along the way. At $17 a pop, it can be pricey to make a mistake on a shade that just does nothing for you. 

As pale girls, it's not always a cake walk finding makeup shades that work for us. We learned the hard way that what looks good on one of us, does not necessarily flatter the other. Some of our shades are simply not swappable! Even though we're often mistaken for "fraternal twins," our skin tones are totally different!  

For Lauren, who has distinct yellow undertones, finding a light enough nude shade that doesn't make her look dead is practically impossible. And orange-toned lipsticks can easily make T, who has pink undertones, look like a 90's trend gone wrong.

We're both drawn to brights, so you'll see a lot of pinks and oranges in our collection.

Our favorites from left to right: Saint Germaine, Vegas Volt, Toying Around, Lustering, Sweet Sakura, Show Orchid, MAC Red, Patisserie, Mocha, Rebel

Swatched on T's cool toned skin

Swatched on L's neutral-warm toned skin

We aren't wearing any lipliner in the following photos to give you a better idea of the true color!

Saint Germaine - T's fave

Saint Germaine was one of my go-to lip colors to dress up my all-black ensemble, as a hostess at Mastro's. I love how bright and pigmented it is! This isn't a color that I'd wear every day, but it's the perfect babydoll pink to have on hand. 

Vegas Volt - L's fave

Vegas Volt is a sweet shade that is perfect for summer days. The orange tone is cheeky and can also be worn sheer and subtly. Did I just eat a creamsicle? Was I born this way? You'll never know.

Toying Around - L's fave

Toying Around, from MAC's Playland Collection, is a color I absolutely can't live without. It's a beautiful coral pink that adds a bit of oomph to any outfit. Do a color wash for a little punch or use a heavy hand and it can veer toward neon.

Lustering - L & T love!

This color actually looks slightly different on the two of us, but we both love it as an everyday lip color. Lustering is a little creamier in texture and it's not overly pigmented, giving you that natural-looking pop of color. 

Sweet Sakura - T's fave

Sweet Sakura is one of my new favorite MAC shades! As I mentioned above, I have to be careful when selecting orangey-reds, but I love this shade because the blue undertones look great against my cool-toned skin. 

Show Orchid - T's fave

Most of my friends have borrowed this lippy at some point. Show Orchid is actually one of my favorite lipstick shades in my entire makeup collection! I love that it's a darker pink, with a nice sheen to it. This is one you can wear year-round for that extra pop of color in your #ootd. 

MAC Red - L & T love!

This is truly a classic that any girl can rock! When you're feeling particularly bold, grab MAC Red and take the room by storm.

Patisserie - L's fave

This nude is life changing! As a pale girl with yellow undertones, nudes have never done me any favors. Enter: Patisserie. This your-lips-but-better color works with everything and is the perfect shade to throw in your purse whether you're running errands or having a night out. 

Mocha - T's fave

Mocha is another new favorite in my collection. The 90s are having a bit of a comeback and that includes more natural, brown shades of lipstick. I love that this color has a bit of an orangey tint, so that I'm not totally washed out. Now all I need is a choker ;)

Rebel - L's fave

This berry color adds an alluring air of mystery. It's one of my fall favorites and my go-to when I want to add a cool-girl edge to any outfit. You'll usually find me pairing this with a well-loved military jacket and a devious look.

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